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Since leaving The Walking Dead after its Season 7 premiere, Steven Yeun has lent his voice to several films and series but his first leading live-action role is on the horizon, arriving with a perfect review score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Yeun’s new film is titled, “Mayhem.” In it, the former Walking Dead star plays Derek Cho, a man fired from his job in a cut throat office building which has been exposed to a horrible virus. “A virus infects a corporate law office on the day that attorney Derek Cho is framed by a co-worker and wrongfully terminated,” Mayhem’s synopsis reads. “The infection is capable of making people act out their wildest impulses. Trapped in the quarantined building, our hero is forced to savagely fight tooth and nail for not only his job but his life.”

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Bring down the whole damn house! Indie filmmaker Joe Lynch’s (Everly, Knights of Badassdom) new film is another violent, deranged, totally crazy, totally fun film titled Mayhem. The title, which is a bit vague, doesn’t have much to do with the plot – which is actually about a guy who works at a sleazy legal corporation that decides to take on the executives when a virus causes everyone to go crazy. I saw this film at 1AM with a crowd of horror fans at the Sitges Film Festival, which is the perfect time and place to see this kind of film, because they cheered at all the right moments. If you watch this one at home, it just won’t hit as hard, but it’s still a thoroughly entertaining horror action comedy mashup with a worthwhile message at the end of it.

The concept for Mayhem is fairly simple, enriched with some fun characters. A corporate office building is quarantined when a virus infects everyone and makes them go crazy, beating people up or acting out their worst impulses. One of the employees is Derek Cho, played by Steven Yeun, who has spent years slowly working his way up the corporate ladder. But he’s also slowly starting to crack and see this culture for what it is – petty, greedy, morally void, an awful culture that people accept in hopes of a rich and glamorous life. When the virus takes over, he uses the opportunity to fight his way to the executive suite and take them out, literally smashing the idiots around him who suck up to this corporate life. It’s a cathartic takedown of the greedy corporate culture that pervades our world today. And it’s such a nice joy to see him bring it all down.

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Super excited to see another new film for Steven!

Korean-American Hollywood actor Steven Yeun confirmed to play a role in director Lee Chang-dong’s new film tentatively titled “Burning”.

Based on the Japanese novel “Norwegian Wood” by Haruki Murakami, “Burning” centers on the mystery surrounding chaebol Ben, delivery man Jong-su and young lady Hae-mi.

Steven Yeun will play the role of Ben. “Steven Yeun’s bright and mysterious charm fits well with the character of Ben,” Lee said in a statement.

Yoo Ah-in is confirmed to play the role of Jong-su, while the role of Hae-mi will be played by rookie actress Jeon Jong-seo.
The movie started filming on Sept. 11 and aims to hit the big screens in the first half of next year.

Steven is known for his role as Glenn Rhee on AMC’s horror drama television series “The Walking Dead”. Meanwhile, Lee won the Silver Lion for Best Direction award at the 2002 Venice Film Festival for “Oasis” and the Best Screenplay award at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival for “Poetry”. He served as Minister of Culture and Tourism from 2003 to 2004 and was presented with the Legion d’Honneur in 2006.

“Burning” will be the director’s new film in eight years since he released his last film “Poetry” in 2010.


The trailer for Steven’s film, Mayhem, has been released and it looks great! Check it out!

Netflix has debuted the first footage from Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters, the upcoming animated series that reimagines the 1970s action figure as teen hero Jake Armstrong.

Produced with Hasbro Studios, the series introduces Jake “Stretch” Armstrong as a teenage superhero who teams up with two friends (Nathan “Wingspan” Park and Ricardo “Omni-Mass” Perez) after they are exposed to experimental chemicals that give them amazing powers.

Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters stars Scott Menville (Teen Titans Go!, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) as Stretch Armstrong, Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead, Okja) as Nathan Park/Wingspan and Ogie Banks (Ultimate Spider-Man) as Ricardo Perez/Omni-Mass.

Other cast members include Wil Wheaton (Teen Titans Go!, Star Trek: The Next Generation) as Rook, Felicia Day (The Guild, Supernatural) as Erica, Keith David (Adventure Time, Rick and Morty) as Kane, Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek: Voyager) as Dr. C, and Walter Koenig (Star Trek) as Mr. Savic.

Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters will also receive a tie-in comic book series written by Kevin Burke and Chris Wyatt, with art by Nikos Koutsis. “We’re so excited to bring Stretch Armstrong into comics with IDW,” Burke said. “Our teen superhero TV series is very much influenced by classic comics, so Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters having their own monthly print adventures feels like a perfect fit.” Along with writing the comic, Burke and Wyatt developed the Stretch Armstrong television revival alongside Victor Cook.

Debuting later this year on Netflix, Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters will be made up of 26 episodes.

Check out the link below for video


Several former and current cast members of AMC’s The Walking Dead—including Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun, Sarah Wayne Callies and more—will voice their characters in a half-hour October Robot Chicken special airing on Adult Swim a few weeks ahead of the drama’s Season 8 premiere.

The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special: Look Who’s Walking is the latest installment in the animated series’ collection of standalone specials parodying big pop-culture franchises. The series has already devoted specials to the likes of Star Wars and DC Comics.

According to an Adult Swim release, the ever-present Chris Hardwick will also be among the cast of this special. The Walking Dead creator/executive producer Robert Kirkman, and showrunner/executive producer Scott M. Gimple are involved behind the scenes, with the usual Robot Chicken creative crew.

The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special: Look Who’s Walking, Sunday, Oct. 8, midnight/11pm Central, Adult Swim

The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres Sunday, Oct. 22, on AMC

Enjoy and after it airs let me know what you think!

Steven Yeun might be starring in a new film with Yoo Ah In!

On August 21, a source from the movie industry reported that Steven Yeun is considering a role in the upcoming film “Burning.”

According to the source, filming was supposed to begin last November, but production was put on hold due to internal issues. Yoo Ah In, Kang Dong Won, and Sulli were originally part of the cast, but only Yoo Ah In remains, and the rest of the lead characters are being recast with other actors. Steven Yeun is reportedly in talks to fill in for Kang Dong Won.

A source from “Burning” stated, “Steven Yeun’s appearance in the film has not been confirmed yet. We will release an official statement once casting is completed.”

“Burning” is expected to premiere in the first half of 2018.


Korean-American actor Steven Yeun will be making an appearance on KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman”!

On August 8, an industry source reported that the actor will be hanging out with Sam Hammington and his son William on the show.

In response to these reports, a source from KBS confirmed that Steven Yeun will be making an appearance. However, they haven’t decided on an official airing date yet.

Are you looking forward to seeing Steven Yeun interact with William?


According to this article, Mayhem is set to release on November 10! Nice to have a release date!


Steven has booked another voiceover series! Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters will be a 26 episode on Netflix later this year!

The Walking Dead alum Steven Yeun and Star Trek: The Next Generation icon Wil Wheaton are lending their voices to characters in Netflix’s Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters series.

Twenty-six episodes of the show — which is based on a beloved, Hasbro toy line from the 1970s — are expected to begin streaming in late 2017. Its vocal cast will also include Scott Menville, Ogie Banks, Felicia Day, Keith David, Kate Mulgrew and Walter Koenig.

“Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters is the first Hasbro brand to receive a Netflix original series order. We have been waiting for just the right moment to re-imagine Stretch for a new audience and our friends at Netflix got it right away; they have been a tremendous partner,” Stephen Davis, chief content officer and executive vice president of Hasbro Inc., said in a statement Monday. “We have hit a superhero sweet spot, and with Netflix’s global reach, kids across the world will fall in love with its fun characters and action-packed storyline.”


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